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Lotor allura Tumblr I still don39t personally ship them but let39s see
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mistiqartsillustration: “ Allura frowned, then smiled, quickly, for encouragement. “W
Read from the story Mb/S by Prince_Lotor (Lotor) with reads. Darling Lance is quite entertaining
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I just have this headcanon that Allura is the most snuggly personal-space-stealing bedmate ever…and Lotor thinks it's the most adorable thing he's ever seen ...
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Keith & Acxa
giving this to you, anon, bc alex fierro will forever be fun to draw :))
Anytime the past is shown, only this style of Galra is drawn (Space Mall & Legend Begins are two most notable). The people protected by Bogh's shield ...
Anyone ship Lotura? Except you Mod Awk, she still don't trust Lotor (this bitch) 😂
lotor took a similar path as bokar, initially seeming kind, but having bad morals and screwing voltron over. lance was on to him from the beginning. lotor ...
So, I'm not at all surprised we didn't see Lotor or Haggar in Season 7. It would have been too easy. We needed the stakes to be much higher, and the only ...
I call it: “Allura annoyed because Lotor is a tease and she wants that kiss”
but that's one thing allura did wrong. lance knows it, and he's going to feel like allura's second choice. of course he likes her, but he's grown so much ...
Although we are all understandably weary of trusting anything the writers say at this point, they have pretty much said that they do have an end game for ...
His face is scrunched as he tries to explain the situation, but Allura is so furious that she keeps interrupting him.pic.twitter.com/rjOIMdzRzw
Lance smiling at Keith.
Lance | Prince Lotor XD
(3/4) I wish this happens, please . . . Credit to
chaloobie on Twitter: "I guess this is my new OTP. #voltron #allura #Lotor… "
The largest piece of evidence is when asked about KLance one crew member stated something about them having a bonding moment and Lauren Montgomery, ...
(1/2) I saw this #VLDTheory and I HAD to post it
takatorabatta), Jumpsuit, Paladin Armor
Shallura what??? Shallura who??? It's Lotura now
Keith's ...
I miss lotor, i miss my purple angry boy. ° ° (Credit Hopehound
“Oh really?! WE DIDN'T KNOW THEY WERE SO WEAK UNTIL WE WERE ALL OUT THERE!” Keith thrust a hand on the chest of his armor. “Don't put this on ...
Voltron Season 7 Bingo(i.redd.it)
My Theory Book
We recommend reading the full theory here and here before proceeding. Since the beginning, we've witnessed the romance narrative unfold ...
By Artistic-snachel on Tumblr! If the artist does not allow their work to
... between his parents developed.
Don't be Lance but at the same time PLEASE BE LANCE! • •
If you zoom in on the official season two poster for Voltron you will notice that Lance and Keith are right next to each other whereas all the other members ...
Lotor / Allura / Voltron <- Don't ship, but pretty good art.
#no4forlotor Lotor is still my husband and I shall not abandon him. #draw
Like we got our first hype trailer in months and it was just clips from before
edit: It seems the S8 uniforms are also inspired from Macross. the high collars, the uniform shape, the lines, the pin, the belt and the cuffs are all ...
happy birthday keith art by foxkunkun on tumblr :) -katie 🍰{ Preset Tags
can you believe someone has drawn art of something I've written because I can
Blind!Lance AU (Voltron)
chaloobie on Twitter: "I guess this is my new OTP. #voltron #allura #Lotor… "
kickkickkickkick . cr @/captainlumin via Tumblr!! ...
Team Punk did it again! I love them.
S5 of VLD killed me so I needed to draw a proper Lotor after everything he did,,, I loved him before this season and if it& #39;s #vldlotor ...
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klance is canon king × × × [credit to klanceys on tumblr] tags: #voltronlegendarydefender #vld #voltron #lance #lancemcclain #keith #keithkogane #shiro ...
We simply really wanted to see Allura clutching to that
Keith smiling at Lance.
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Opinions on the hate. I loved season 7! Slight spoilers I guess? #
I've pinned this before but this is me on a daily basis
I FREAKING KNEW IT YESYESYEEESSS × × × [credit to pidger on tumblr] tags: #voltronlegendarydefender #vld #voltron #lance #lancemcclain #keith #keithkogane ...
🌊star ...
edit: It seems the S8 uniforms are also inspired from Macross. the high collars, the uniform shape, the lines, the pin, the belt and the cuffs are all ...
I dont usually like shipping Allura with anyone honestly but this,,,?
Eye Color: Crystal blue with purple pupils. Hair Color: White Height: An inch or two shorter than Keith, let's say about 5'7"/170 cm
Seriously what is their ship name? #Voltron #VoltronLD #legendarydefender #KeithKogane #
《 Lotor 》 - - - He's beauty, he's grace, he will appear in
by spinnymomm. Follow
pidge is a mood anshsh [art by taytei on tumblr]
Keith probably is standing on Krolia's shoulders • • • • #voltron #vld #
I hope this is a real #VLDS8 spoiler!! I really dream to see them kiss in S8!! only 5 days left please! #voltronpic.twitter.com/PWgF3ZjzRb
I personally don't want Allura to die No hate in the comments please ~
Oh hey, thats how i fall for my crushs too..its the worst
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Reaction Shot: Look at their faces ...
@itsnotdoneyet | Tumblr/Instagram · #lotor #allura #lotura #zarkon #haggar #zaggar #voltron #keith #shiro #lance #hunk #pidge #matt #coran
Everyone is complaining about the fandom, their ships, and whatnot after season seven but is no one gonna appreciate Matt Holt?Spoilers(i.redd.it)
Shiro talks about Adam, and we'll get more flashbacks ...
I love him soooo much! ~ #voltronseason7 #
《 Lotor 》 - - - Mmmmhmm yesss - - - [ Credits to kokoko-
One of those times Lance claims that his bayard upgrade is "way better than Keith's", but it doesn't unlock, Pidge noting that perhaps Lance isn't ready for ...
slow dance with the boys. ~rylan ♤ • • credits~ 1st pic
They do look similar • • • • #voltron #vld #voltronlegendarydefender #keith
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\Credit Goes to Are-pung on Tumblr. I do not claim or own
keith voltron legendary defenders | Tumblr Voltron Klance, Voltron Fanart, Form Voltron, Voltron
... when Allura coldly stares at him in what he believes is hatred. He isn't angry or heartbroken or annoyed by it. The look on his face is just... a tired ...