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Top of the line Best sound system in the world Avantgarde Trio
Top of the line - Best sound system in the world. Avantgarde Trio Classico horn speakers, with six bass horns. Made in Germany. The most incredible sound, ...
Avantgarde Acoustic - TRIO CLASSICO XD
Avantgarde Acoustic - TRIO XD
Mechanical construction. TRIO LUXURY Produktübersicht
Avantgarde Acoustic DUO XD
Avantgarde Acoustic - TRIO LUXURY EDITION 26
Avantgarde Acoustic - TRIO XD
UNO FINO Hornloudspeaker Avantgarde Acoustic™ Hornloudspeaker GMBH Audiophile Speakers, Hifi Audio, Audio Speakers
Avantgarde Trio/Sub231 Speaker System - The Audio Beat - www.TheAudioBeat.com
Avantgarde Acoustic - TRIO XD
... still retain its high sensitivity, unrestrained dynamics, and the sonic attributes that create the sense of "aliveness" that characterizes this speaker?
EyecandyIf I'd ever win the lottery... Avantgarde Trio Luxury @ XFI Veldhoven, The Netherlands ...
Avantgarde Acoustic TRIO CLASSICO
Andy Payor's Rockport Technologies was showing two speakers at Munich High End. The first was a debut: the $170k Lyra, a five-driver, three-and-a-halfway ...
Last week the Avantgarde Duo Mezzo XD arrived and even though I like the Duo XD a lot, this was a step up in performance!
avantgarde NANO Horn Speaker System in KENRICK SOUND アヴァンギャルド・スピーカー
Avantgarde Trio/Sub231 Speaker System - The Audio Beat - www.TheAudioBeat.com
Avantgarde Acoustic - DUO XD
Avantgarde Acoustic UNO Nano horn speakers
... listening to Duo Omegas in well known environment I realized that they are first of all unbeatable when it comes to presenting acoustic music.
homage to avant garde : 네이버 블로그
In our small village of Lautertal with its 7.189 residents, it's old natural beech grove forests, tender grass fields and cultivated acres.
We will immediately know we're listening to Avantgarde speakers. The Zero 1 PRO sound in the way that is hard to mistake for anything else.
One day a Riccardo Kron design landed on our doorstep for review - a pair of KR VT850 monoblocks to be specific. This 850 is a hybrid design with a Mosfet ...
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Re: Avantgarde Duo Mezzo XD install today
I ...
... as the manufacturer does in the information brochure, which is “from the beginning”. The Zero 1 PRO is a horn-loaded, three-way active speaker system.
S150 Speaker
DUO MEZZO // Avantgarde Acoustic
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Yamaha NS SP1800BL Review And Best Price Comparison Taber's Best Reviews has tested and reviewed the
Avantgarde Acoustic Trio Classico - Idiosyncratic cost-no-object horns from Germany Audiophile Speakers
Avantgarde Trio G2 Speaker System Audiophile Speakers, Hifi Audio, Audio Speakers, High End
Resultado de imagem para speaker plans
The system
Contrary to many of our fellow music lovers cum audiophiles, we are very conservative. That is, over the last years we have never felt the urge to upgrade ...
The Transmission Ultimate: They don't get much bigger than this! Transmission Audio
Technics SB-C700. Dynaudio M30. Avantgarde Acoustics Duo XD
Re: Avantgarde Duo Mezzo XD install today
Re: Another Happy Avantgarde Trio XD owner
Midrange driver
There weren't 76 trombones leading the big parade that is AXPONA to quote a line from the musical, The Music Man, but horned speakers were there and made a ...
Avantgarde Acoustics Duo XD
Dynaudio M30. Avantgarde Acoustics Duo XD
Re: Avantgarde dealer in Singapore
Having just mentioned stuff that you won't see anywhere else, I might as well start with last year's Best of Show winner, Kevin Scott's £450k Living Voice ...
Holger Stein of Stein Music is best known (at least in the U.S.) for his remarkable room treatment systems, the Harmonizer and the Pi interface.
Avantgarde Acoustic - DUO MEZZO
Had it not been for the Vox Palladian/Basso, one of my next two “top picks” would have been awarded best of show. Oddly enough (or not), both have been ...
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Here Avantgarde-USA combined BAT tube amplification with the experimental Super Duos, experimental in the sense that the Duos now sported six 10-inch ...
Low/middle tone
How to choose the best home theater speakers
Let's start by looking at a little bit of history and what most other conventional speakers share in common. Back in the mists of time, when home audio ...
400 speaker soundscape launches in Ipswich
There has been consistent debate about the efficacy of live music as a reference for audio performance. Do I want to know how wide or deep the stage was, ...
Yorkville Paraline PSA1S Subwoofer + PSA1 Line Array Speaker+ Yorkville Speakers, Hi Fi System,
Jeff Day comments: Avantgardes can be fussy beasts to get sounding great, but Jim Smith had his Super Duos singing a siren song in the Avantgarde USA room ...
I have enjoyed the Martens for over three years now. Any thoughts on this particular brand and /or model. It should mesh nicely with my Audio Note UK Ongaku ...
The speakers generated a sibilant lisp on Johnny Hartman's voice. I could hear a problem on trumpet too—a bit of edge in the upper mids.
... to a guitar duo—and just as exceptional on Louis and Co. playing “St. James Infirmary.” Without question this was one of the best sounds in Munich, ...
Duo XD at Targi Dom Inteligentny i AV&HOME CINEMA SHOW 2016
MP150 On-Wall Speaker
Given the wide spread of the horns in Visintainer's Trio array, the integration, center fill and coherence of the system was pretty remarkable.
... without any of the coloration, roughness, or discontinuity of typical horn-loaded speakers. Obviously, a Best of Show contender, but…at a price.
High quality audio through your computer's mini-jack? Yes, it is possible. Examples include, from top, Beyerdynamic closed-ear headphones, ...
Pic of system during evaluation. The Kondo system is connected to the loudspeakers on top, whereas the LS3/5A's below are driven by Flying Mole CA-S10 ...
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... of the Avantgarde Trio/Basshorn on vocals. (Nothing did.) Still, this was a rich, dark, majestic presentation with great low bass, good dimensionality, ...
Model Three integrated amplifier Appearance
Among many other things, he also makes loudspeakers, including Stein Music's €128k Top Line Bob-XL—an odd-looking ...
For my fifth selection for Best Sounding room, I find myself in a bit of a quandary. I can think of five or ten contenders (from Göbel, Tidal, Audiodata, ...
Klipsch La Scala II Speaker - Walnut (Each)
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Evolution Acoustics MicroOne
he bottom panel of the electronics module mounted on the Zero 1 PRO speaker's rear baffle features an identification plate. In addition to information about ...
This wonderful sounding speaker uses field coil drivers, a Truxtent midrange driver and a Tractrix horn for the top ...
Reference system:
Same ...
Re: Another Happy Avantgarde Trio XD owner