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ANTIFA COWARDS Pure Evil t Politics Conservative
Antifa cowards hiding their identity in black—just like the KKK did in white! ANTIFA protesting Anti-Sharia Law protest. Harrisburg, PA, 10jun17.
Antifa= anti first ammendment. Libertarian Atheist Conservatives
Bilderberg owned anti America-soros wants to destroy America as we know it to implement a new world order-one government, economy and religion-PURE EVIL!
Antifa declare November 4 a day of bloody violence
Justin Smith posted on my Facebook Group Social Media Jail Conversations for Conservatives & Counterjihadists some thoughts on civil strife that could ...
This Liberal Carried an American Flag to Protest Fascism in Portland. Antifa Cracked His Head Open With a Bat. - Hit & Run : Reason.com
'Antifa' protesters link arms as they demonstrate at a rally on June 4, 2017 in Portland, Oregon. Photo by Natalie Behring/Getty Images
Antifa VS ISIS - What's the difference?
Be ready people
Over the past week, the anarchist affiliation Antifa (“Anti-fascist”) has received widespread and favorable coverage in the establishment media.
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The Republican elites are the most gutless quislings to ever live. This party is the most shameful and disgraceful group ever to form.
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Soros won't be around forever
At the time of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August a year ago, Donald Trump was the only prominent American politician to ...
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In the alien invasion movie Independence Day, the beleaguered President of the United States, hoping he can forge some kind of a peace which will at least ...
America First!
I contacted them; can't wait to see what they have to say for
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Antifa Shut Down a Planned Debate Between Yaron Brook and Sargon of Akkad at the King's College - Hit & Run : Reason.com
The Antifa thugs have been in the news a lot lately. (notice their flag looks like ISIS' flag) I got to see them up close in Berkeley, twice.
Journalists loved Antifa. Now they've turned on them. - Fabius Maximus website
Light-skinned poc with dark hair in twin braids, wearing sunglasses and a plaid
Proud Boys, Antifa Clash Again on Portland Streets - Hit & Run : Reason.com
After the inauguration, antifa rioters smashed windows and set fires in Portland.
Ireland's secretive anti-fascist group says far-right here can be 'extremely violent and dangerous'
It's no small irony that leftist protesters are confusing conservatives with Nazis. Ironic, I note, because the hatred being driven by leftist Demo rhetoric ...
They don't care about liberal democracy
Only antifa wear masks cauze they're cowards!!
That said, most of the people in the world who run around wearing masks are cowards. That's the simple fact. They are cowards and you really don't have that ...
John " ...
Antifa & TWP Got Violent Protesting Charlie Kirk Speech.
Antifa riots at UC Berkeley (Photo: Twitter)
Hysteria S1 • E4
That seems to be the consensus among mainstream journalists after Tucker Carlson's wife and family were threatened by an Antifa mob.
Two counterprotesters in masks cross Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park to join an antifa mob. (Photo credit: Helena Zemanek)
Antifa at Charlottesville, Virginia, rally (Photo: Twitter)
Antifa Still Wants to Punch the Two Dozen Damp, Sad Nazis Who Showed Up at Unite the Right II - Hit & Run : Reason.com
LGBT, Antifa demand Texas church shut down over sexuality
Culture Wars
Media's “true allegiance” revealed in Antifa's violent attack on Faith Goldy - The Rebel
I am on the ACT for America email list. The list is fantastic for getting updates on how radical Islam is affecting America on a stealth level.
“ Because there aren't enough conservative media outlets.” Well, that is a problem. Dismissing entire outlets because they are seen as liberal or ...
Since the late fall of 2016, Democrats and other Leftist types have been decrying President Donald J. Trump as “not normal” and a “threat to democracy.
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Donald Trump's unexpected victory in the 2016 presidential election has galvanized an amorphous internet subculture called the alt-right.
She is a California middle school teacher – and a leader of the AntiFA group BAMN. Now she's calling for far more serious bloodshed.
Conservatism, Inc. Cheers On Persecution Of Proud Boys And Dissident Right, by Julian Bradford - The Unz Review
antifa is un-american
Close your eyes and shut off the antifa horn siren, and free speech can sound a lot like music.
Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes pumps his fist during a rally at Martin Luther King Jr
That is why many conservatives now understand that if they are to put on rallies, they must come prepared for violence, and this explains why RAM members ...
For those of you unsure, the “black bloc” is a large conflagration of pseudo-terrorist malcontents, most of whom decry the plight of working class and the ...
But, inside the pages, everything is different in this social justice bait-and-switch, in a story that just wouldn't have been published a couple of decades ...
Is Marvel Putting Blatant Left-Wing Antifa Politics In Their Spider-Man Comics?
Trump Supporters patriots Vs Antifa Best Of 2017
The Rise of Antifa☭ ...
Just an activist school teacher…and union leader?
'Unite the Right' Ralliers to Descend on D.C., With Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Other Counter-Protesters Waiting: Reason Roundup - Hit & Run : Reason. ...
Christian Britschgi/Reason
Antifa thugs who DOX political opponents ALL the time now ticked off they got DOXXED by the Berkeley PD
No, they wouldn't call any of this out. Where a bunch of internet nerds did actual investigation and solved a major crime, the above image was found on the ...
Most of the stories about Trump on CNN were negative during the campaign. This is a 24/7 news outlet. Trump & the media had a symbiotic relationship during ...
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Antifa Violent Radical Left
Antifa protesters swarmed one car when it did not comply.
Thread by @hrtablaze: "Not only does @TwitterSupport give blue checkmarks to Hateful racists like Sarah Jeong but they also allow Verified Antifa leftists ...
ANTIFA spitter Luis Marquez part 2 "obsession"
Antifa is that you
I will go home that night and watch several more cold-blooded beatdowns on YouTube that I didn't personally witness.
Why no platform is still relevant, and the trouble with liberal "anti-fascism"