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Please forgive the title for this too-long-in-the-works blog post. I'm not crazy about it, but it seems apropos given the subject matter: The collection of ...
This certainly isn't news, so don't take it as an announcement, OK? I'll post the info and my take as well. Let's roll with it…
Batman #38 (DC Comics) Oh hey, I got the Tim Sale cover this week! Hooray! It seems downright tragic to me that, due to variant covers, DC commissions and ...
evinist: My contribution to the Batman/Nightwing Fanbook last year :D
Batman and the Mad Monk 1
Visually, this plays out across two pretty much perfect panels, as we see Batman's fury dissolve from his face and his fist unclench as he realizes that ...
As I mentioned in the previous post on this series, though this tells the tale of Batman's first encounter with the villain The Scarecrow, ...
I just recently read Batman/The Shadow: The Murder Geniuses, the collection of DC and Dynamite's six-issue crossover miniseries (plus a short story from ...
This issue, by the way, features a cover by some kid named Joe Quesada.
In 1995, DC began publishing quartlery-ish anthology series Batman Chronicles, because four ongoing monthlies (Batman, Detective, Shadow of The Bat and ...
I bet this scene would be even funnier if set in the All-Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder-iverse
Page ...
Zach Snyder has unveiled on Twitter a new look for Batman that will be featured in his upcoming DC film, "Justice League." It's been nearly 75 years since ...
$6.99 - Classic Superheroes Cartoon Batman The Animated Series Art Silk Poster #ebay #Collectibles
Some notes on Batman: The Dark Knight Vol. 2—Cycle of Violence
Darla Aquista was shot and killed. Batman asks Tarantula to merge the ...
Batman and the Monster Men 1
The LEGO Batman Movie Character Movie Poster Set #1
I like the bit where the Syraqui diplomat says to Batman, "I do not know who you are, American--" Really? He doesn't know who this man, dressed as a bat is.
So, for example, the text on this page is Batman describing the events of 1940's Batman #1 to Catwoman, but rather than drawing a pin-up reflecting that ...
Batman: The Cult was a four-issue, "prestige format" miniseries published in 1988, veritably on the heels of 1986's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (another ...
... of the 1996 miniseries of the same name features a cover by Jim Steranko, and while I don't really get the visual elements being incorporated (Batman's ...
Batman vs Jason Todd | Batman: Under the Red Hood
Batman: The Telltale Series | Episode 1 (Realm of Shadows) - YouTube
Batman: The Dark Knight Trilogy Vinimates Vinyl Figure Series by Diamond Select Toys
On Batman #50. 1.) THE MARKETING
The LEGO Batman Movie International Banners
Despite the somewhat awkward title, this collection is a pretty valuable one, compiling all of the odds and ends of artist Tim Sale's work on the Batman ...
Hahaha I can just hear my math lecture "a lot of people think you can just put the exponent on, but you have to treat the parentheses as one number itself."
Batman: The Cult
Diamond Select Toys has released its first wave of DC Comics Vinimates figures, their four inch chunky vinyl figure line. The first wave included a Green ...
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Paladone Batman Cold Change Glass
Batman The Animated Series 16 Scale Collectible Action Figure by Mondo
Early Adventures. Robin would have many adventures with Batman, establishing themselves as the " ...
Batman: The Animated Series Wave 6 6” Action Figures
Yaoi image of Joker and Batman by Thundertori on DeviantArt Batman Jokes, Lego Batman Movie
Bruce Wayne (Earth-32)
Reading Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, part 3 – BIG OTHER
Batman Black & White Batman and The Joker Statues by Gerard Way x DC Collectibles
by Jada Toys
#Batman #justiceleague #CosmicSpiderman
The Atom. Atom (Ray Palmer).jpg
How Are You Feeling! Mr. Millionaire! Where's Harley Quinn? Batman Gave It?
The LEGO Batman Movie Graffiti Character Movie Poster Set · ”
Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 5
Batlantern Bruce/Hal
Batman's problem with sandwich #AlfredMakesTheBestSandwiches
Book Three ...
San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Exclusive Batman: Arkham Knight Bat-Signal Light Up
Hot Crazy Toys Batman The Dark Knight Rises Movie Super Hero 46cm/18" Figure
by DC Comics
San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Exclusive Batman DC Comics Artists Alley Statues by Chris Uminga
Batman and Robin
BATMAN: ARKHAM SONG: I Am The Night by Miracle Of Sound (Symphonic Song)
Batman: The Dark Knight Trilogy Vinimates Vinyl Figure Series by Diamond Select Toys
batman 1943
Batman: The Animated Series Screen Print by Tom Whalen x Bottleneck Gallery
Batman has been, for decades now, the go-to DC Comics character for animation. Through the 1960s, '70s, and '80s, he helped Scooby-Doo solve mysteries, ...
Jonathan Crane (Prime Earth)
DCon 2018 Exclusive Batman “The Protro Knight” Resin Figure by Tracy Tubera
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Officially Licensed T-Shirts
Then in May 2011, their numerous Batman: The Brave and the Bold figures didn't have any women either:
Beware the Batman Season 1
Batman 80-Page Giant Vol 1 1
And now there's Beware the Batman, a 3D, CGI series from Glen Murakami and Sam Register. Murakami is a veteran of the DCAU, and both men worked on Teen ...
the venture bros hank and dean arch batman growing up the saphrax protocol
Early Crimes. Batman & ...
The Dawnbreaker threatens Coast City
by Iron Studios
He's An Evil Musical Genius! He Will Conquer You With His Music!
The Oath
BATMAN VS SUPERMAN: Dawn Of Justice Trailer (2016)
SDCC DC Comics Sketch Batman Figure Blueline Edition JimLee Con Batman PVC Action Figures Toy Brinquedos
Batman The Enemy Within Episode 5
Marvel DC COMICS Super Heroes Superman Wonder Woman Batman The Flash Green Lantern Aquaman PVC Figure
This is a tribute to both the Swamp Thing film and the 2nd Batman Unlimited title. It ended up working out as a double tribute because Swamp Thing looked ...
Robin is The Demon's Victim
by Diamond Select Toys
Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 5
Western Animation / Justice League Action
Then in April 2012, McDonald's put out toys based on Green Lantern: The Animated Series, which also didn't include a single female character:
Batman ...
I, The Joker, Received An Inheritance! The State Will Receive Money! What's The Point?
Batman Reborn